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A Writer Learns to Blog

The Dr. Alexandra Gladstone mystery series is being republished in both print and electronic form AND, I'll be writing more in the series! That's the good news, and I'm excited about that.

The not so good news (at least I thought it wasn't good when I first heard it) is that my new editor wants me learn how to blog, Twitter, and post on Facebook. I was brought to it kicking and screaming. "It will take too much time to learn and too much time to do it!" I screeched.

Well, it IS taking time to learn, but now I'm loving it because it allows me to connect with old friends and make new ones.

I'm a real cyber klutz, though, and I keep making mistakes. Twitter keeps sending me YOU CAN'T DO THAT messages. Bear with me. I'll keep trying, but at the moment it seems easier to me to write a 100,000 word novel than a 140 character Tweet!

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