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Extraordinary Stories That Touch The Heart And Challenge The Mind


Forgetting Tommie is a story about a kind of love many don't know exits. (Amazon http://tinyurl.com/pp6bhpl )

It’s about the kind of love that turns into hate while at the same time it becomes a deeper kind of true love than most of us ever thought possible. Sometimes it happens in a marriage, sometimes between friends.

It can be destructive.

Forgetting Tommie, which is also available for e-readers, tells the story of Dara Blankenship and her two friends, Tommie and Meg. who live in a small town in Texas. The three women have known each other since childhood and have seen each other through marriages, divorce, childbirth, serious illnesses, war, and more.

Friends forever. Or so they thought.

Just as they reach the age when the children are grown and things are supposed to be getting easier, Dara accidentally stumbles upon an awful truth that it seems everyone knew about except her. Not only does it destroy the friendships she’s cherished all of her life, but it rips apart her marriage as well.

She has to get out of town. With no plan or even a road map, she ends up in Las Vegas and becomes friends with Amber Light, an exotic dancer who leads her into a world she’d never imagined. Behind Amber’s New York-bred brashness and her skimpy dance costumes is a soul that has fought its own battles with love. What Dara learns from Amber changes both of them as well as all the people Dara left back in Texas.

I could not have written this book when I was young and trying my hand at romance novels for Harlequin and other publishers. I knew about romance back then, and sex, and yes, I even knew about love. I’ve learned a few things since then, though, and I’ve poured it all into Forgetting Tommie.

It is written in memory of my late husband, Kenneth Paul, who taught me some of the things I put in this book, things I wish I’d known earlier.  Read More 
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