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Please send me your feedback.

Hope there are more Dr. Gladstone books in the works! 

Finally I remembered your married name and now I can find your books! Would love to hear from you. I had a book published last year, my first and probably last, but who knows. Do you remember anyone else in our first Journalism class at ENMU besides Donna Bourland? I'd like to find her also. Frances Ogden McGraw aka Fran McGraw 

Dear Paula, I enjoyed "The Barefoot Girl" so much and will be reading "The King's Nun" next. I googled you hoping that you had perhaps written more historical/fiction books around the lives of saints as I find the subject matter so interesting but boring when reading about in a more "for research" manner. I need the stories to come alive, as you make them. Will more of these "Novels of Saints" books be forthcoming? hint hint...

I just read the Dr. Gladstone series and can't believe that their are only 3 in the series. Please tell me that you are going to write some more!

Dear Paula I am in the process of reading your novel. What I need is a bibliography of St. Amelia sources. My grandfather Guido Nincheri has painted with frescoes the Church of Ste. Amelie of Baie Comeau in Quebec, Canada. In there he shows two views of the life of the saint. One in which she is receiving the Holy Communion from and angel and the other shows her on a death bed mourned by nuns. The background shows a monastery. I would like to know if grandfather has imagined or has used actual architectural site. Please send me a reply and I will send you a photograph of the fresco. nincheri@sympatico.ca Thanks Roger

I just finished reading the third Dr Gladstone book. I have enjoyed the series very much so far. Thank you for creating such an interesting character and the time period in which you set the novels. I love historical English mysteries. I hope you will continue the series soon as I have little patience LOL when it comes to waiting for the continuation of a series. Once again thank you so very much for the pleasure you have given me. 

September 17, 2009 - Your Dr. Gladstone series has been recommended to me and I plan to read them but am confused about which is the first book and which is the second. It seems Half a Mind to Murder is the third because it was published later than the other two. (??) I am one of those people has must read in the correct order in a series:)
Thank you!



I would love to read more Dr. Gladstone books. I enjoy the era these books are set in, and I was swept away by all three in this series.

Will you ever write any more Dr Alexandra Gladstone books, or will there only be three?

Will you ever write more of the Dr. Gladstone series"

I hope to write more of the Gladstone series because I loved researching and writing about medicine at that time in history. My agent keeps telling me to hold off on looking for a publisher until I finish some of the other things I'm working on.

Hi! I was looking around for some new (to me) fun reads and came across "The King's Nun." That led me to your site where, upon reading your bio, I realized we both probably graduated from the same tiny country school. Awesome! Small world! Cheers! Dyrinda 

How unusual to hear from someone from Three Way School! There aren't many of us around. Thanks for writing, and I'm glad you read THE KING'S NUN. I hope you'll read more.

Dear Ms paul I just wanted to say hello I am the cousin of Mary W. of New mexico a friend of yours and i had asked her about your books we had a family reunion and she had spoke of you and your writing. You had gone to france with her. I'm looking forward to reading your books. Sincerly Kimberly (Brown) Alvarez

Hi Kimberly,
I hope you've been able to read some of my books by now. RED WINE GOES WITH MURDER is the book I wrote after Mary and I (and two other friends) went to France together. That trip was so much fun! I hope Mary told you some about it, including the time she convinced a complete stranger that she was Paula Paul.
I was browsing for books on "stop, you're killing me" and went to Amazon to purchase from your list but none are available for my new Kindle. Will you put in a word with the publisher? thank you Teresa

I have been asked by Amazon to make my books available for Kindle, but I haven't done it yet. Now you've built a fire under me!

Dear Ms. Paul, I'm in charge of the Historical (HST) category. Every year, we pick the best romance covers and run a contest where readers can vote for their favorite cover. To read more about it and see last year's results, you can visit our web site: http://www.covercafe.com/ One of your books is a finalist in the 2007 contest! The King's Nun was named one of the best covers in our HST category. We haven't announced the finalists yet, but we're planning to announce them and start voting in April or May. If possible, we'd like to credit the artist who created the cover. Do you know who the cover artist or designer is? Congratulation on the great covers and a great book! Best, Jeanette van de Lindt Historical Cover Head Cover Cafe, www.covercafe.com

HI Paula I loved Red Wine Goes with Murder however, I am curious why did you sign your name as Paula Carter when wrote this book because I am doing an Independent Novel Study on this book, and I want to be sure I have my facts straight. Thank you Tw from Canada

I used the name Paula Carter at the request of the publisher. The idea was that should I stop writing the series, they could hire someone else to write it so the Paula Carter name would continue. As it happened, the publisher canceled the series.

I love the Gladstone series and was wondering...now, that you are working on so many other projects, will there be another installment?

I would love to write another installment in the Gladstone series, but at the moment I don't have a publisher for it. I have not given up hope of finding one.

Just finished reading Half a Mind to Murder and was most interested in the information about the prevailing social opinions regarding women's mental stability (or instability), in particular the information about "uterine insanity." It doesn't surprise me that the English Victorian society of the time should come to such garbled thinking, but am curious about your sources of information. In the reading I've done in Victorian literature, I've never encountered that particular idea regarding women's rational abilities or inabilities. KMU from Wisconsin P.S. Have read your first and third Dr. Alexander books and will be looking for number two! Interesting characters, even if Nicholas is a little too good to be true and Nancy is little too "knowing." Also not sure about the authenticity of your Newfoundland. Those dogs are great family dogs, given to barking, as you describe. Not sure if they would attack, as Zack has done in a couple instances. Otherwise, love the background info, especially the treatment of illnesses with herbals, etc.

Dear KMU,
Thanks for your feedback on the Gladstone series. I got my information regarding attitudes about women's mental health from medical books of the era. One of the most helpful was THE PEOPLE'S COMMON SENSE MEDICAL ADVISOR, published in 1895 and a book on medicology and pharmacology published in 1860. As for whether or not Newfoundlands will attack, you're probably right that it's unlikely, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

How would one go about talking you into appearing at a writer's workshop?

I would by happy to appear at a writers' workshop. E-mail me at paulagpaul@juno.com with details.

When is your book about a jewish girl who falls in love with a nazi soldier comming out? What is it about? Where does it take place?

My untitled book about the Jewish girl who falls in love with a Nazi soldier is still a work in progress and at the moment is on the back burner. It is set in Austria, Germany and Texas. Now that I have completed CRAZY QUILT and have my new series launched, I hope to get back to it within six months. It will then take me a year to finish it.

I loved "Symptoms of Death". I checked it out from the school for a book report. I found that I couldn't put it down. Also it is nice to read mysteries where a smart women solves the case. I can't wait for the next book and Paula Paul you have made a fan with me!!! Lacy from washington

Thanks, Lacy.

I just loved Symptoms of Death. Paula Paul always entertains. I'm looking forward to the next book. Sarah in Oklahoma.

Thanks to you as well, Sarah.

I have just read SYMPTOMS OF DEATH and I can't wait for the next one.
Susie from Idaho